Ulster is the most northern of all of Ireland's ancient kingdoms and is where you will find the incredible landscape and cities steeped in intrigue and mystery. It is also where you can find Giant's Causeway easily one of the most famous landmarks in Northern Ireland and the UK.

You can plan for a Trip to Giants Causeway from Belfast and visit the beautiful place. If you want to walk in the path of giants here's everything you need to know about the legend of Giant's Causeway and how to get the most out of a wonderful trip. 

Finn McCool and the Legend of Giant's Causeway

It goes like this there was once a great Irish giant called Finn McCool who was most feared by his Scottish enemies. One day Finn built a causeway across the sea from Ireland to Scotland, each six-sided cobblestone fit together perfectly and could easily take a giant's weight if needed. 

On th trip Giant's Causeway to Belfast you will know the whole story properly. He then shouted a challenge to a famous Scottish giant named Benandonner also known as the Red Man. He challenged the Scot to cross the causeway and fight him. But Finn McCool realized how much larger the Scot was as Benandonner crossed the causeway, so he fled back to his hometown of Fort-of-Allen in County Kildare. Yet Benandonner persisted in pursuing him, reaching McCool's hometown in the process. 

Upon realizing that it would be unwise to start a confrontation with the Scot, McCool asked his wife to answer the door on his behalf. Finn's spouse was a giant with intelligence she pushed McCool into the bathtub and covered him with some big covers.

When planning a trip to Giant's Causeway to Belfast you must avoid the crowd to enjoy perfectly the whole trip. Here are some points with which you can consider to get an amazing experience.

Let's start-

Ways to ignore the crowd in Causeway

At peak season the site can be very busy so with a little research and knowledge it is easy to have a fantastic experience without meeting too many other visitors. It is worth noting that the stones themselves are not usually too busy to explore although you might find getting a photograph with no one else in the background. 

  • You should avoid peak hours

It is the most obvious thing to do is visit the site between 9 to 11 am or wait until after 4 P.m. It is simpler to park at the location, enter the visitor center, take guided tours, take the shuttle bus to the Stones, and stroll down to the Stones during off-peak hours.  

When plan a trip to Giants Causeway from Belfast may easily avoid the crowds at the Giant's Causeway even on the busiest days if you plan your visit carefully. There are a ton of different activities in the area.

  • Utilize Bushmills' park and ride service

Make use of Bushmills' park and ride service it is far simpler to park in Bushmills and take the bus from the town's car park if you are unable to avoid peak hours during the busiest time of the year than it is to drive directly to the location parking is available in front of the charming Bushmills Inn.